Worst Hybrid Ever

2008 Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid blue Saturn announced the  pricing on the new 2008 Aura green line Hybrid.  MSRP will start at $22,695 ( includes destination charge ) – and since it’s a Saturn, what you see is what you pay.  This makes the Aura the cheapest Hybrid available – cheaper than the Civic Hybrid, and cheaper than the Prius, though by a negligible amount.  So what’s the ruckus?

The Aura Hybrid’s EPA estimates are 28 mpg city, 35 mpg highway.  Wait, what?  Compared to the Prius’ 45+mpg real world mileage, and the Civic Hybrid’s 40-45 mpg real world mileage, I’m not impressed.  Heck, even the good old fashioned, dinosaur-only fueled Nissan Altima 4 banger is rated at 26 mpg city, 34 mpg highway.  To top it off, the Altima puts out 175 HP vs the Aura Green Line’s 160 HP.  Pricing for the Altima starts at $21085, including destination.  Is $1,600 worth 2 extra mpg in the city? 

I think we can officially crown the Aura Green Line the Worst Hybrid Ever.

Published on March 20, 2007 in Hybrids,Saturn

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