Women in Saudi Arabia allowed to sell cars

But they still can’t drive them. Saudi Arabia, a country situated in one of the most backward parts of the world, still to this day does not permit women to drive. That didn’t stop the recent opening of an a car dealership that is manned by an all-female sales force. The dealership is catered to female customers, with the idea that a female salesperson will make the customer feel more at ease. The catch? Neither the saleswoman nor customer is permitted to test drive a vehicle.

Of course, even the women who do buy an automobile aren’t permitted to actually drive them – they must hire a driver. It’s strange to hear about such ridiculously sexist practices in the current day. Of course, with the skill of the average female driver being what it is, sometimes I wonder if this wouldn’t be a good thing for the US. ( kidding, kidding. )


Published on December 4, 2006 in Auto Industry News

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