VW wants to beat Toyota – in Profit

The new chief at Volkswagen is having delusions of grandeur.  This isn’t the first time that someone high up in the VW chain had the same thinking – not too long ago, King Porsche said that he saw VW taking on Toyota.

This time around, new CEO Martin Winterkorn made a statement that he wants VW to beat Toyota – in profit.  That’s a lofty goal, considering Toyota is the most profitable automaker in the world ( in terms of overall numbers… Porsche surely beats them on a per unit basis. ) There’s also the small matter of Volkswagen’s crushing losses, year after year. 

So, VW has 3 consecutive yearly losses, and now they wake up and decide that they’re going to take over Toyota in profit, of all ghastly things.  I think someone may have been eating too much sauerkraut.  Source.

Published on February 13, 2007 in Volkswagen

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