VW Offers 0% Financing on 2008 Models

VW If, for some deranged reason, you are in the market for a Volkswagen, then you are in luck.  Every single 2008 model year Volkswagen is being treated with available 0% financing for five full years.  Sixty months of interest-free Volkswagen goodness.  No model is excluded, so whether you want a Tiguan or a Tuaregg or a Tegoo or a Tubalong, the promotion applies. 

This promo may get non-VW customers interested, as VW isn’t normally the type to offer big incentives.  It should also help VW dealers clear out any leftover inventory so the 09’s can start flowing in.  All in all, not a bad move.  Nice one, Vee Dub.

Published on September 10, 2008 in Volkswagen

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