Volvo discontinuing S40 and V50

Volvo’s iconic S40 and V50 are in their last model year. Volvo has announced that there will not be 2012 S40 sedan or V50 wagon.

Surely you realize that the whole “iconic” bit was painfully sarcastic, right? Only those who actually own one, or work in the car biz have even the slightest clue what an S40 is. I’d wager to say most folks don’t even know it’s a Volvo, let alone what type.

According to Volvo spokesman James Hope:

“The S40 and V50 are great cars, [but] our focus, however, needs to be on our volume vehicles, specifically the S60, XC60, XC90, S80 and XC70.”

What Volvo really needs is to name their cars something useful. I dont’ expect Volvo to make sporty cars. I don’t expect them to make exciting cars. I don’t even expect them to make particularly attractive cars. Their shtick is safety and reliability, and they should stick to that. But enough with the alphabet soup names already…

Published on June 15, 2011 in Volvo

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