Volkswagen XL1

261 is the number that will catch your eye if you read about the VW XL1. That’s 261 miles per gallon, of course. The XL1 is not build for looks, speed, or cargo area. It’s built for fuel efficiency. VW claims that it’s the most aerodynamic car ever built. In fact, it looks similar to the first generation Honda Insight, with the rear wheel coverings.

Under the hood is a hybrid diesel powertrain. It manages 48 horsepower from the TDI engine and an additional 27 horsepower from the electric motor. VW hasn’t released a combined horsepower rating, but it surely isn’t a lot. Thankfully, the XL1 weighs just 1749 pounds. VW claims a 0-60 time (with a charged battery) of 12.7 seconds. This is no rocketship.

Ultimately, this is just a concept. VW will build a few to show the world that they’re “green.” Then they will get back to building the stuff that pays the bills.

Published on February 27, 2013 in Hybrids,Volkswagen

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