Volkswagen to beat Toyota? Not in this life

Wendelin Wiedeking, that’s King Porsche in case you didn’t know, whose company owns a little more than 27% of Volkswagen, is a bit delusional. He recently made a statement saying that he sees Volkswagen taking on Toyota – yes, he actually said that statement. Since Mr. Wiedeking didn’t elaborate much, let’s dig a little deeper here.

Volkswagen is a company with a very confused recent past and present. Long ago, they were known as makers of small, fuel efficient, inexpensive cars. The Beetle comes to mind ( Not the New Beetle, mind you. ) They were fairly successful in this area, and that’s why everyone knows their name today. One day, Volkswagen woke up and said “I’m going to be a luxury automobile brand!”

And behold, such cars as the $24,000 Jetta, the $40,000 Passat W8, and the $90,000 Phaeton were born. And the automotive world shuddered, and said WTF? There is also, of course, the many mechanical and electrical gremlins that plague just about every VW ever born.

Even the thought of a brand like VW ever approaching Toyota is simply ridiculous. I mean, WTF?


Published on December 8, 2006 in Ponderings

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