Volkswagen Aims Gun at Foot

VW makes some of the poorest quality cars that are sold in America.  The amount of time that the average VW spends in the shop is simply ridiculous, and I’m amazed that anyone still buys them.  ( And before you chime in with “But I have a Volkswagen and I haven’t had any problems with it” , note that I said the average VW. Obviously yours is extraordinary. )

Apparently the current reputation for building piss-poor vehicles, and the downward sales trend isn’t satisfactory to the execs at VW.  With this in mind, they have decided to go forward with a joint-venture with China’s Shanghai Auto.  This partnership will ultimately mean that we’ll see Chinese-built VW’s in the US.

Let me get this out in the open in case it’s in any way unclear.  No one, at least no one in the American buying public, is under the impression that Chinese built vehicles are either A:) Safe or B:) Reliable.  Sure, a Chinese VW will be cheap, but the last thing that VW needs is to add a big “Dangerous and Unreliable” sign to their already faltering image.  Auto industry executives make a whole lot of money, and they get paid to make decisions like these.  Amazing.

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Published on July 20, 2007 in Volkswagen

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