saleen_thumbwp VCARS is a car site ( duh ) with a few different angles.  The part of the site that appeals most to me, is the Supercar wallpapers section.  Why this section?  Well, it’s all about the fastest cars on the planet.  Coincidentally, the fastest cars are usually the best looking too, and that’s why they make great wallpapers.  You’ll find everything from the Saleen S7 to the Koenigsegg CCX here.  What you won’t find is Honda Accords and Toyota Camry’s.  Good cars that they are, they just aren’t particularly exciting.  The supercar wallpapers are available in sizes from 800×600 all the way to 1280×1024, which covers most people’s screen sizes.  ( There are regular car wallpapers for folks who like that sort of thing, in another section. )

koenigsegg_thumbwp VCARS isn’t a one trick pony though, which is a good thing.  I love good wallpapers, but they aren’t enough to give a site lasting power.  VCARS is also chock-full of Motoring News.  This section is a blog-style format, and has been running since January of this year.  There is all sorts of news from the automotive industry, including new car announcements, industry rumors, model changes, and more.  There’s no shortage of news here, though I’d personally like a little more flair in the write-ups.  It’s probably just my style preferences though – many folks prefer the VCARS style.

And if the first two sections weren’t enough for you, VCARS has another trick.  There’s a whole Used Cars section, which will help you find the used car of your dreams.  The only catch?  It’s for UK drivers only, which is great if you’re in the UK.  I wasn’t able to test this portion of the site because it requires a UK postal code, which I don’t have.

Published on July 18, 2007 in Reviews

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