Ultimate Chevrolet Lineup

This is the fourth post in my Ultimate Lineup series, and I’ve decided to begin my work on GM’s many brands, and trim the fat from Chevrolet. I have a lot of problems with the General’s lineups, and their excessively large lineups. There’s so much overlap it makes my head hurt. I can already tell this is going to be bloody.

Today, Chevrolet’s lineup stands at an obese 17 distinct models. Seventeen. That simply boggles my mind – talk about bloated! After careful consideration, and liberal use of the axe, I came up with a streamlined group of 8 models – I trimmed 9 models ( more than half! ). I can already tell that many people will take offense to some of my changes – I was ruthless. Take a look at how everything turned out:

The Ultimate Chevrolet Lineup

Aveo – The Aveo is weak when compared to the other popular sub-compacts on the market. It is cheap though, and that keeps the sales coming in. And many may argue that the point of a subcompact is to be cheap – something the Aveo definitely excels at.

Cobalt – A rehashed Cavalier, which was a bad vehicle. I only leave this one here because, like the Aveo, it’s cheap, and people buy cheap. After all, someone has to make the worst compact car, right? Plus, those folks that come in to see the Aveo and are appalled by it’s horridness need something to step up to.

Colorado – The Colorado isn’t a particularly good truck, truth be told. The Tacoma and Frontier are light years beyond it. But it does an alright job, and isn’t completely embarrassing like the Dakota. I struggled to decide whether to keep this one and toss the Sierra or not. The reason I kept the Colorado is actually because of the S10 – many people still think Chevy when they want a small truck.

Corvette – An American icon if ever there was one. The Corvette should live forever, even if Chevy does not.

Equinox – Small SUV’s are all the rage these days, and the Equinox isn’t half bad. The interior is good for a Chevy – something they need more of.

Express – Good for fleet sales, and probably pulls in a fair number. I think the Ford and Dodge offerings are better here, but not by a wide margin.

Malibu – A decent midsized sedan – nothing special, but nothing offensive either.

Suburban – I would axe the Suburban in favor of the Yukon XL, except for the fact that I think the Suburban is a better known name, and would bring more repeat customers. It does leave the Suburban as the lone large SUV left in Chevy’s lineup, but I think the brand is that strong.

The ones that didn’t make it

Avalanche – The original Avalanche blinded many – it was an atrocity to the eyes. The new version looks like it has Down Syndrome – it’s simply terrible. I can’t see the additional utility of the Avalanche when compared to a regular pickup truck.

HHR – A PT Cruiser clone that is about 5 years too late. No one is fooled into thinking the HHR was an original idea, and it should be buried.

Impala – The Malibu and Impala seem to overlap in my eyes, and I have trouble justifying the existence of both. I simply fail to see any significant difference between the two models, and since the Malibu is less expensive, it sticks.

Malibu Maxx – It’s not quite a sedan, not quite a station wagon. So you get the utility of a sedan, combined with the bad looks of a wagon? No thanks.

Monte Carlo – The Monte Carlo is thankfully already on it’s way out, and it’s long past time. Sayonara.

Silverado – The GMC Sierra can carry the load here. Everyone knows they are the same truck, with the same equipment. No one is fooled anymore, and there’s no need to brand them as separate. Perhaps now the Sierra can take over the best-selling vehicle thrown that the F-150 has held for so long.

Tahoe – This one may make waves, but there’s no reason for a Chevrolet Tahoe. The GMC Yukon is the same exact SUV, and it’s part of the “Truck” brand at GM. That leaves the Tahoe as the odd man out.

Trailblazer – I haven’t heard officially that the Trailblazer is on the way out, but it surely should be. It’s outdated and stale, and has no place moving forward.

Uplander – Do you know anyone who drives an Uplander? Have you ever considered purchasing an Uplander? Do you even know what an Uplander is? My point should be obvious here.

Published on May 3, 2007 in Ultimate Lineup

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