UAW Strikes against GM

GM’s entire United Auto Workers ( UAW ) workforce walked out today – they’re officially striking against GM. All 73,000 of the hourly UAW workers are part of this strike – the first one against GM since 1970.

What brought on this strike? Officially, 10 days of bargaining to try to come to a new labor pact, and it’s failure to do so. Unofficially, GM is a company that makes poor decisions constantly, and the UAW is an antiquated group that doesn’t know the meaning of “give and take”.

Unfortunately GM made too many promises over the years to the UAW – promises that they’re unable to keep today. The UAW, of course, wants GM to fulfill every promise completely, which would of course drive GM into bankruptcy. Ultimately the UAW will have to decide whether they want to continue to get overpaid and receive unheard-of healthcare coverage for a short time, or keep their jobs indefinitely – albeit at a lower pay rate, and with more realistic benefits. Time will tell.

Via Detroit News.

Published on September 24, 2007 in GM

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