UAW sets Chrysler strike deadline

Chrysler has until Wednesday October 10th to give in to the UAW’s crazy demands, or else the overpaid UAW will strike, much as they did against GM. Fortunately, we all know how this will turn out. Chrysler will pretend to stand firm, and the UAW will strike. ( After all, the UAW is fantastic at NOT WORKING. They don’t do much else very well. ) After a couple days at most, Chrysler will fold exactly like GM did, and do whatever the UAW tells them to do. We all know what’s going to happen, so it would seem to be easier if Chrysler and the UAW just cut to the chase.

What would we all do if Chrysler actually showed some backbone and stood firm against the UAW? What would we do without shoddily made Durango’s and Sebrings? The world without the Nitro and Patriot is simply unthinkable.

As much as I think strikes are pointless, I would love to see an American automaker stand up to the UAW until the UAW breaks. Too bad it won’t be this time.

Published on October 8, 2007 in Chrysler

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