Twitter plus Onstar equals… TwitStar?

This from the rumormill over at Tech Crunch, Onstar may soon be adding a feature allowing you to speak your tweets right from your GM automobile.  That’s right – you talk, and Onstar converts your speech to text, and sends it to Twitter.  Tweeting while driving, ladies and gentlemen – and handsfree too.

Speech to Text technology isn’t perfect quite yet, but it’s not really a problem.  Most folks talk a little funny on Twitter anyway, due to the 140 character limitations.  On that note, how will Onstar know if you’re over the limit?  And will it notify you, asking you to re-tweet?  Perhaps it will chop your tweet into several parts. 

At this point, it’s just a rumor, but an interesting one.

Published on March 30, 2009 in GM

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