Tundra takes another blow – Snapping Camshaft Fun

It seems that Toyota just can’t win with it’s new Tundra.  On paper, the Tundra blows away everything in the segment, and just flat dominates.  In the real world, however, things aren’t quite so rosy.  As if the disappointing crash test results weren’t bad enough, there are now reports of engine failure.

Only the big 5.7 liter engine is affected by this problem, which involves camshafts snapping.  Yup, snapping camshafts – not something you want to happen on the highway at 70 MPH.  To be fair, only 20 reports have surfaced so far, from a batch of 30,000 engines.  That’s just 0.06 percent for those of you without a calculator.

Toyota, of course, blamed the problem on the camshaft supplier.  It’s just not natural for a large automotive company to say “Oops, we screwed up!”  It’s the blame game as usual, nothing new there. 

So far, many people seem to be siding with Toyota, and agreeing that this is a minor setback.  However, I have to wonder, what would the outcome be if the snapping crankshafts were on an American engine, say belonging to the new Silverado?


Published on May 29, 2007 in Toyota

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