Toyota wants 40% increase in hybrid sales

After an impressive 33% increase in hybrid sales in 2006 vs 2005, Toyota isn’t satisfied.  They want a full 40% increase in 2007.  That would mean selling a total of 430,000 hybrids this year – an increase of over 110,000 units. 

I’m naturally skeptical, but I’d be a little surprised if Toyota didn’t pull this one off.  Why?  Well, gas prices will go up again ( you read it here first ) , and the demand for hybrids will surge again.  Even more importantly, the Camry Hybrid wasn’t available for sale the entire year last year.  So for 2007, Toyota has the Prius and Camry in full force, along with their other lesser-volume models. 

Anyone else think Toyota can do it?

Via Reuters.

Published on January 26, 2007 in Hybrids,Toyota

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