Toyota Recalls 15,600 Tundra Pickups

Toyota received another blow to their new Tundra‘s failing reputation.  The latest recall to hit the new Tundra is due to a faulty propeller shaft on some 4×4 trucks.  Apparently the shaft could possibly separate under some instances.  Reports of noise is what prompted Toyota to investigate the matter.

Only one actual failure is known to have happened, and there was thankfully no accident.

With fault propeller shafts, dying camshafts, and tailgate issues, one has to wonder about Toyota’s new truck.  It can no longer claim the bulletproof reliability and quality that the brand has become known for.  If the Tundra isn’t the highest quality truck in it’s class, then what does it have going for itself? 

Published on December 18, 2007 in Recall,Toyota

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