Toyota making changes

Tundra and Sequoia production will come to a screeching halt – for a whopping 3 months.  No one’s buying big trucks and SUV’s – and Toyota is paying attention.  Smart business move, not so good for the employees.  Reportedly they will get at least partial pay for the downtime, which is something I guess.

On the good side of things, Toyota will be building the 2010 Prius at it’s new plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi.  That will mark the first time that the Prius has been built anywhere outside of Japan.   I guess that whole failing dollar deal finally caught up with them.

I don’t own a Prius ( I think it’s ugly ), but it’s great to see Toyota building them here in the US.  It’s an amazing car, and really a huge step forward in technology.

Published on July 12, 2008 in Toyota

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