Toyota FT-HS Concept – the next Supra?

2007 Toyota FT-HS Concept - Side View Meet Toyota’s latest concept – the FT-HS. Not exactly the most alluring name, but we’ll set that aside for the moment. The side profile of this concept is just striking – and somewhat reminiscent of a Lotus Elise – not a bad thing at all. It’s definitely a daring design, and that’s why it’s strange that it’s wearing a Toyota badge. Toyota isn’t exactly known for daring designs or styling – see the Camry and Corolla if you’re not convinced.

The front of the FT-HS, I’m not as much of a fan of. It seems a little bit too busy for my tastes. Since the FT-HS is still very much in concept form, there’s plenty of time to revise this and get it to look a little more ‘normal’. Alright, enough with design talk. Let’s get to the really good stuff – performance. That’s what really matters, after all, isn’t it?

How does a 3.5 liter DOHC V6 sound? Nothing new you say? Ok, well how about if we hook up a 650V electric motor to said V6? Are you a little bit more interested? Keep listening, it gets better. Preliminary numbers are -get this – over 400 HP and a mid-four second 0-60 time.

Nobody’s talking about the weight of this car yet, but rumor has it that there’s lot of aluminum and carbon fiber holding it together, which helps it put up that crazy 0-60 time.

Inside the cabin is the tried-and-true 2+2 seating configuration. The back seat will, of course, be best left to small children and luggage. If you leave the kids at home, you can open up the retractable roof and enjoy the breeze.

The estimated price is right around the $30,000 mark – which seems to be a bit of a stretch considering the numbers that are being tossed around. A 400 HP hybrid coupe, with a retractable roof and carbon fiber galore seems like a lot of car. I’d expect this car to be toned down pretty heavily, both in equipment and styling, before it sees production.

The big question is – what will Toyota release this concept as, if they do in fact release it? Will they give it the legendary Supra name, in hopes of winning back some of the Supra faithful? Or will they let the Supra name, and legend, rest?

We should know more when Toyota makes the official announcement about this car in Detroit, on January 7th. Via Autoblog.

2007 Toyota FT-HS Concept - Front View

Published on December 26, 2006 in Future Vehicles,Toyota

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