Tesla Whitestar Sedan coming soon

Everyone has heard of the Tesla Roadster – the all-electric sports car that gets ~200 miles per charge.  The Roadster started production this week, in fact – something that many thought would never happen.  The sedan, though, should debut in prototype form before the end of the year.  Pricing is expected to be in the $50-60k range, so it will come in quite a bit under the Roadster.  Annual volume is estimated to be 10-20k units for the first year.  That’s a lofty goal for volume from such a small company, though the pricing sounds right.  $60k for a sleek, sexy sports car that never uses a drop of gasoline?

And don’t worry, because Whitestar is just a codename.  The folks at Tesla can surely think up something better than that before production time comes along.  Will we see a Tesla electric sedan by 2009?  Quite possible, and it’s exciting.  As soon as we see the first pictures, you can be sure we’ll post them here.

Published on March 18, 2008 in Electric Cars

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