Tesla Roadster Delayed until 2008

Tesla RoadsterEver since the announcement of the electric-powered Tesla Roadster, there have been delays and setbacks. The latest setback pushes the earliest delivery dates to Q1 2008. Their current goal is to build 600 cars by the end of 2008 – a lofty goal, at this point.

I want the Tesla Roadster to succeed – a true all-electric car that is usable in the real world is something that this country really needs. The fact that’s it’s crazy fast and gorgeous is just icing on the cake. With the constant delays, I’m just starting to worry that this car may never actually make it to market – there’s always something. It’s hard to really trust anything these folks are saying, since the timetables are always moving further into the future.

On a side note, the range of the Roadster has been increased back to the original estimates ( after a temporary decrease in estimated range ). According to the EPA, the range will be 252 miles city / 236 highway, for a combined rating of 245 miles per charge. Now if only they can get the damn thing to market.

Published on September 26, 2007 in Misc

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