Taurus X Bites the Dust by 2010

2008-ford-taurus-x The Vehicle Formerly Known As Freestyle will likely call the 2009 model year it’s last.  The folks over at Ford are trying to rush a redesigned Taurus to market for 2009, and calling it “the one we should have made originally”.  There have been no mentions about the next generation Taurus X though.  Considering the fact that it’s a very homely vehicle that doesn’t do anything particularly well, it’s not much of a surprise.  Sales have been poor, and the Fusion grille did nothing to change that.

I think the thing that really killed the Freestyle / Taurus X is the styling.  A poor interior didn’t help, but it’s the outward appearance that really did the trick.  No one these days wants to drive a station wagon, even if that’s what most CUV’s ultimately are.  The Taurus X looks exactly like a station wagon though, and that’s where it fails.  Other CUV’s hide their station wagon roots quite well.

Ford hasn’t officially states the the Taurus X’s number is nearly up, but keep any eye out for that announcement.

Published on February 20, 2008 in Deadpool,Ford

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