Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid Get a Price Tag

2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid After all sorts of wild speculation, GM has finally announced pricing for their full-size Hybrid SUV twins. As is usual with GM, the Yukon runs slightly higher than the Tahoe, even though they’re mechanically identical. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Tahoe 2WD – $50,490
  • Tahoe 4WD – $53,295
  • Yukon 2WD – $50,945
  • Yukon 4WD – $53,755

While the Tahoe starts out way down in the $36k area, a gas-only Tahoe 2WD equipped similarly to the hybrid would run you about $45500. That means you’re looking at roughly a $5,000 premium to get the hybrid bits. That’s lofty by any measure, but take a look at the gas mileage again:

  Regular Hybrid
Yukon / Tahoe 2WD 14 / 20 21 / 22
Yukon / Tahoe 4WD 14 / 19 20 / 20

There will be some sort of tax credit offered on these vehicles, but no word on how much. If I was a guessing man ( and hey, look at that – I am! ), I’d say we’ll likely see a tax credit in the neighborhood of $3k. That would potentially bring your hybrid premium down to $2k. Two grand is more manageable than 5, but it still buys an awful lot of gas. At $3 per gallon, $2k buys about 667 gallons of gas. Even if you manage to use 200 less gallons of gas per year, that’s over a 3 year payback period. That’s based on driving 15k miles per year, by the way. If you drive more the payback period is shorter and the deal makes even more sense.

Part of me likes the idea of a Yukon Hybrid and Tahoe Hybrid. Folks are going to buy large SUV’s until gas prices get to astronomical levels. Offering a less-gluttonous option is a good thing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re saving the world by buying a Yukon hybrid though – 21 MPG combined is nothing to write home about. If you need a huge vehicle though, one of these twins should certainly be on your short list.

Published on November 14, 2007 in Chevrolet,GM,GMC,Hybrids

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