So Long, Ford Taurus X – We won’t miss you

FordTaurusX As of February 2009, Ford will retire the rebadged and failed Taurus X.  The vehicle that started life as a bland and poorly designed Freestyle, and later went through a mid-life crisis / name change to the Taurus X will be no more. 

Some vehicles I’m sad to see go, as they were once great vehicles.  This time, no one will miss the Taurus X.  Besides the awful name, the design is so boring it makes the vanilla Taurus look exciting ( and that’s really, really hard ).  To make matters worse, the interior of the Taurus X was just so far behind it’s peers in quality and design.  Perhaps 10 or 15 years ago the Taurus X would have made sense… but not in today’s world. 

Good call Ford, on killing off this forgettable vehicle.  Next time do us a favor though – do some actual research before building a car that no one wants, eh?

Published on December 9, 2008 in Deadpool,Ford

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