September Auto Sales – Black September?

Normally at the beginning of a new month, I highlight the best and worst brands with regards to monthly sales.  This time around, I can’t do that.  Why, you ask?  Well, every single automaker saw sales tank.  That’s right, every one of them.

Worst losers

  • Hummer: -54%
  • Volvo: -51%
  • Porsche: -44%
  • Jeep: -42%

Best losers?

These brand saw the smallest sales drop for September:

  • Audi: -5.4%
  • MINI: -6.7%
  • VW: -9.4%

Wow.  With a 5% sales drop, Audi managed the best month out of any automaker in September.   Un.  Frickin.  Believable.  Times are tough, times are strange.  I have a bad feeling that October and November won’t be all that much better.  Hope I’m wrong though…

Published on October 6, 2008 in Auto Industry News

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