Sales Recap: November 2009

The great ( or not so great, depending on your point of view ) month of November, two thousand and nine is behind us. Another month of car sales, with some high points, and some low points. So, who came out a winner, and who came out a loser? Check out some highlights:

November 2009 Winners

  • Hyundai +46% In any month of any year, a 46% increase in sales is impressive. But in November, during a recession? Stunning.
  • Nissan +30%
  • Subaru +24%
  • Mercedes-Benz +19%
  • Buick +15%

November 2009 Losers

  • Hummer -85% Hummer
  • Smart -70% How much longer until Mercedes-Benz pulls the plug on this (seemingly) failed brand?
  • Mini -43%
  • Chrysler -37%

The biggest surprises were probably the epic fall of Smart, and the increase in Buick sales.

Published on December 2, 2009 in Auto Industry News

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