Recall Notice: Nissan Recalls over 372k Pathfinder and QX4 SUVs

The Japanese automakers aren’t immune to massive recalls, contrary to what some folks believe. Nissan is recalling 372,250 Pathfinders and QX4’s, which blows away the recent Honda Civic recall of 180k+ vehicles. This Nissan recall covers SUV’s built from 1997-2001, and especially affects areas of the country that see snow and ice.

The problem is a bad fuel filler tube assembly, which could potentially cause a fire. A mixture of snow, water, and salt can cause the tube to corrode. Tube corrodes, leaks fuel, and BLAM your car could catch on fire. Not much fun, and definitely cause for a recall.

Again, sorry to see such a huge recall ( quality issues are never good, no matter who the manufacturer is ), but at least manufacturer’s are taking care of things like this these days. If you have an affected unit, you should receive a letter fairly soon.

Published on October 8, 2007 in Nissan,Recall

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