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Reader’s Rides is a new section of Import tuner, that allows you to submit your own ride for other readers to rate.  Wow, say that three times fast.  At the top of the page, the cars are broken down by make.  So if you’re a Honda fan, you can choose to view Hondas only.  Same goes for any of the other makes listed.  Of course, you’ll only find imports here – remember, it’s Import Tuner!

Besides sorting by make, you also have the option of viewing the rides by Most Popular Rides, Newest Rides, Highest Rated, and Most Commented.  Clicking on any of the thumbnails will bring you to the car’s dedicated page.

6438782.w320.h240 I decided to pick on this here 1994 Supra because, well, I like me a good Supra.  As you can see, there is a ton for you to check out – plenty of pictures, horsepower, modifications, ratings, and comments.  The only thing I don’t like is that you have to register to comment, but I guess they probably do that to keep the spam away.  Registration takes only a minute or so, so it’s not that bad.

Overall Reader’s Rides has some potential – you have the ability to put in a ton of pictures and information about your car, which is really neat.  I like the fact there there is both a rating and a comments system – many sites only have one or the other.  Now all they need is some more members, so there are more cars to check out.  If you haven’t signed up already, give it a shot.

Published on July 18, 2007 in Reviews

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