Ram Brand added to Chrysler Stable

While GM is finishing up with their brand-shedding run, Chrysler is busy adding them. The latest, greatest idea out of Chrysler headquarters has been rumored for awhile, and is now official. The creation of a “Ram” brand, which will sell the current Dodge pickup trucks. The Ram brand will probably sell SUV’s and work vans as well, though that’s not certain at this point. The remaining cars will stay under the Dodge nameplate. You know, cars like the Caliber and the Avenger. The Charger and Challenger too, though who knows how much longer they’ll be around.

Obviously Chrysler / Dodge management is brilliant. I’ve wanted to buy a Dodge truck for years, but it was that silly Dodge name on the back that prevented me from pulling the trigger. Now that the Dodge will be gone, and replaced by Ram, I’m sold. Heck, I think I’ll buy one for the wife too.

Attn Dodge: People don’t buy your cars and trucks because they are shit.

Not because of the name on the back. If I’m going to drop $20-$40k on a vehicle, it had damn well better be well put together. No squeaks, no rattles, top quality materials for the price range, and an overall “quality feel”. I don’t give a crap what brand the vehicle is, as long as it’s competitive. I work hard for my money, and I spend it freely when I find value. I’m a frickin miser when I see no value. That, my good friends at Chrysler, is your problem. Not a nameplate.

Published on October 5, 2009 in Dodge

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