Porsche Carrera 911 Crushed for art

Well if this is not heart breaking for car enthusiasts, I don’t what is. The other day I went on youtube searching for some videos of cars getting crushed, most was old cars which the materials were worth more than the car itself. But this one video sadden my heart, Some artist nut crushed a fairly new Porsche”Carrera” 997 or aka Porsche 911 on purpose down to a cube for the sake of um……art?!!! Wow! I always wanted to see a $78k block piece of mangled German engineereing at a art museum…… NO!!!

The car alone is art! Cruising down the street as it takes a stroll down Broadway. Hearing it’s melody while screaming down the track ripping corners as photographers capture it’s pure essence of sheer beauty and power is ART. NOT a cube sitting in a mundane art museum. Though I’m not a big Porsche fan, but after I saw this video I felt my heart was ripped out, a part of me went with the poor car, helpless and defenseless against the mighty crusher. Sorry but that car didn’t deserve this punishment for the sake of art, and let’s not forget they aren’t cheap either. What a waste of a great car, good job you idiot.
If you want that kind of art, just go to a scrap yard, they have plenty of those hanging around. Jeez man, what people do with there money these days is beyond me.

Here’s two video links, one in raw audio w/German if you can understand what they are saying and the other has the audio swapped with dramatic music so you don’t have to bare to listen to car’s gusts being squished.

Viewer descretion is advised it’s not for the weak in heart, especially Porsche fans or car fanatics.

Published on April 8, 2010 in Porsche

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