Opel Ampera Spy Shots

opel-ampera-3 Meet the Chevy Volt’s sexy cousin –the Opel Ampera.  The Volt is a pretty slick looking car, but the Ampera really stands out.  The front end, especially, is daring and very distinct. 

Hardware-wise, the Ampera will likely be exactly the same as the Volt – perhaps a few small modifications for our European brethren.  The platform and basis are the same though – you should be able to drive an estimated 40 miles on a fully charged Ampera, without using a single drop of gasoline.  After the battery is depleted, the Ampera will turn into a sort of backwards hybrid – the gas engine will run to charge the batteries, powering the electric motor. 

opel-ampera-2opel-ampera  The hardware is solid, as we already know.  The looks are impressive too.  With the higher gasoline prices in Europe – I think the Ampera could be a huge hit.  Hopefully GM can ride out this recession /depression and stick around, so we can enjoy the great new cars they have in the pipeline.


Published on February 23, 2009 in GM

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