Only 5,000 2008 Challengers to be built

2008-dodge-challenger Dodge is only planning to build a limited run of 5,000 2008 Challengers – despite all the potential demand. Why the low production run? Reportedly, only the high performance 6.1 liter SRT version will be available for the 2008 model year. With high performance comes a high price tag ( probably high 30’s, low 40’s ), and it won’t be in everyone’s budget. If you’re looking for a Challenger at a more reasonable price tag, you’ll have to wait until the 2009 model is released – the 5.7 liter Hemi version should be available then. No word yet on whether a V6 version will be available, but I’d bet on it.

Everyone wants the V8 versions of muscle & pony cars, but the sales of the modestly priced & performing V6 models are what keep the vehicles alive and profitable – just ask the Mustang.

Via Inside Line.

Published on November 2, 2007 in Dodge

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