October 2007 Automotive Sales Numbers

kia Another month has come and gone in the car business – with good tidings for some, and not so much for others. There are a few surprises in the mix – notably Mercury with a 20% increase over last October. Who would’ve though? Anyway, here are some of the winners:

  • Kia – +20.5% – I didn’t know people still bought Kias. Certainly not enough to show an increase.
  • Audi +10.9% – The new TT is nice, but still not sure if it ( or any of the Audi’s ) are really worth the asking price, considering the lack of reliability.
  • Cadillac +19.9% – Can’t explain this one at all – Escalades on fire or something?
  • GMC +10.2% – People have awful memories, and are buying large trucks & SUV’s while gas prices are reasonably low.
  • Mazda +13.3% – No surprise here. Mazda’s lineup has been solid and improving for awhile now.
  • Mercury +20.% – Seriously? Maybe the new Sable really hit it off with buyers.
  • Nissan +9.8% – The Rogue is a winner, and is only held back by the limited availability.
  • Porsche +16.9% – People with money and great taste aren’t afraid to part with it, apparently.

And of course, what monthly recap would be complete without the flops? Here are some of the notably poor performances for October:

  • Hummer -33.2% – Decreases like this may make Hummer disappear sooner rather than later
  • Acura -22% – The lineup is a bit stale, but still full of nice cars. The new TSX will help, but it’s still several months away.
  • Buick -12% – The Enclave can’t keep Buick up by itself
  • Dodge -9.6% – Nothing to add here.
  • Ford -16.4% – The Taurus didn’t do the trick – what is the answer for Ford?
  • Jaguar -27.5% – I’m actually surprised that Jaguar is still selling cars.
  • Jeep -24% – Oh, so hideously designed vehicles that get horrendous mileage *don’t* sell well? Interesting…
  • Pontiac -17.5% – Pontiac has nothing to offer the world right now.
  • Saab -19.9% – No one buys Saab. GM needs to simply shut this brand down – forget selling.

Published on November 2, 2007 in Auto Industry News

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