November 2007 Sale Highlights

The sales figures for November are out, and here are a few of the highlights:

Acura takes a 25% nosedive – ouch.  That’s what an aging lineup will do for you, I suppose.  Meanwhile Honda jumps 10% on strong Civic and Accord sales. 

GM as a corporation saw an 11% decrease in sales – not a good sign for their turnaround.  Meanwhile Ford stayed flat, and Chrysler dropped just 2%.  When’s the last time Ford had the strongest showing in Detroit?

Kia and Hundai are going strong as ever, up 9 and 12%, respectively. 

Jaguar dropped 11% ( Who buy’s a Jag these days? ), and Buick dropped nearly 27%.  Mitsubishi managed a 14% jump though – probably due to the Lancer.  It’s a pretty nice looking car, mitsu or not.

Nothing really surprising across the board, just more of the same.  Domestics down and imports up for the most part.  Same ol same ol. 

Published on December 3, 2007 in Auto Industry News

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