Nissan Xterra to stay Body on Frame

The Pathfinder is going soft for the 2013 model year – it will be a crossover. Instead of truck underpinnings, it will be built on a car frame. While that may give the Pathfinder name less credibility, it’s the right decision for Nissan.

But what about the Xterra? Rumors of its demise have been floating around for a few years. After all, sales are down, and the market for rugged, off-road capable body on frame SUV’s is a mere shadow of its former self. Should Nissan scrap the Xterra altogether, or just make it a unibody poseur?


Nissan engineers have told Car & Driver that the Xterra will live on as a body on frame vehicle. That’s actually the first time I’ve heard even a hint of a new generation of Xterra. Good to see that Nissan isn’t going to put yet another crossover on the market. Crossovers have their place (and they’re certainly the right choice for most people haulers,) but vehicles like the Xterra need to be built on top of a truck frame, period.

Published on January 13, 2012 in Nissan

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