Nissan Xterra May be Near End of Road

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According to Ward’s Auto , Nissan may be about ready to shut down Xterra production. Volume of the midsize body-on-frame SUV is down drastically since 2000. That year, Nissan moved over 88,000 Xterras. Through the end of July this year, they’ve sold just 12,000. That’s up quite a bit from last year, but last year was also the worst year in recent memory.

Why the case for alarm? A quote from Larry Dominique, VP of Advanced Product / Product Planning / Strategy is alarming.

With (new U.S. corporate average fuel economy rules) Xterra’s going to be a tough vehicle to keep around.

He’s right, of course. Traditional SUV sales are in the toilet, and manufacturers are moving to the unibody / CUV style vehicle across the board. With the stricter fuel efficiency requirements coming soon, the Xterra doesn’t make much sense.

Would-be Xterra buyers don’t have to leave Nissan, of course. There are plenty of offerings that may make sense, depending on the buyer’s needs. The Pathfinder is really a slightly larger version of the Xterra. Rogue and Murano are car-based CUV’s that could be a good fit.  True hardcore off-road junkies will probably head over to the nearest Jeep dealer and pick up a Wrangler – still the best around for that job.

So, probably no more Xterra in the near future. Will you miss it?

Published on August 27, 2010 in Nissan

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