Nissan Titan may be on last legs

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I’ve been working on my latest installment of the Ultimate Lineup – a series I used to do where I decide which of a brand’s models to keep, and which to axe.  This time around Nissan got the nod, and it’s been one of the toughest UL’s yet.  An article I read at Newsweek points out that I’m not alone in my thinking, at least on one of the vehicles.

It seems that Carlos Ghosn ( Nissan’s CEO ) hinted that he is considering axing the company’s full-size pickup – the Titan.  On paper the Titan performs fantastically well – it holds it’s own against all the big names, and excels in quite a few areas.  The problem is that paper battles don’t always translate into sales – and that’s where the Titan has fallen short.  Year to date, Nissan has moved less than one quarter the number of Rams that Dodge has been able to move.  And I doubt that anyone would say that the Ram is a better truck than the Titan – that’s ridiculous.  But pricing and “Americanness” come into play.  Nevermind that the Titan is built on American soil, while quite a few Rams are not.

During a recent press conference, Ghosn had this to say –

“The name of the game is going to be more fuel-efficient cars,” he says. “And when you make your product plans for the future, you can’t say, ‘I’ve always had a pickup truck, so I’ll just keep improving it.’ If you can’t make it profitably, you have to get out.”

In other words, no vehicle is sacred, and the Titan less so than others.  Sales are poor, and its’ extremely inefficient.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nissan let the Titan run it’s course without any addition refresh or redesign cycles.  Once sales dwindle to the point of unprofitability, it’s bye-bye Titan.


Published on December 17, 2007 in Nissan

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