Nissan Hi-Cross Concept Teaser

Nissan Hi-Cross Concept Teaser


Can I just say that these manufacturer teaser photos are getting to be annoying? It was cute the first time or two, but now it’s just getting repetitive. Nissan is going to unveil a concept called the Hi-Cross in Geneva on March 6th. What, exactly, that is, I’m not really sure. It’s Yet Another Crossover, of course. Beyond that? According to the video, there are a lot of fancy gauges. Maybe we’re looking at a hybrid crossover. Why that needs a whole new model is beyond me.

Maybe the new CAFE requirements are based on the number of models that get a certain MPG, regardless of how many (or how few) units are sold. I’m not really sure of the details. But Nissan does have an awful lot of relatively high MPG, low volume vehicles in their lineup.

Published on February 27, 2012 in Nissan

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