My 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

That’s right, mine.  This past Wednesday I took delivery of a brand new 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid, with 88 miles on the odometer ( they had to locate it for me. ) I went with Magnetic Pearl, which is a sort of dark greyish-blue color.  The interior is Blue & Tan, with the seats being a very dark blue.  Funky, but better than the all-tan interior that I hate so much.

So, which vehicle did I part with – my 07 Accord or my 05 Navigator?  If you guessed the Lincoln, you’d be correct.  I was tired of a big fat payment and 14 MPG ( only when babied in mixed driving.  Regular driving netted a cool 12 MPG, though pure highway and she was good for 20. )  By getting the Civic Hybrid, I’ll end up saving a bundle every single month.  On the drive home from the dealership the MPG gauge read a sweet 45 MPG – not bad for the first time driving it.  I figure if we average 40 MPG overall ( city & highway mixed ) with a little practice, then all will be well.

I’ll grab some pics when I can, though I’m not sure when I’ll be able to.  The wife has been driving it so far, I’ve only been able to drive it once briefly.  Once I get some more seat time I’ll write up a personal review.  So far?  It drives great.  Handing is good for it’s class, power is low but acceptable.  The interior ( though funkily colored, looks really nice, and feels high quality ), and has plenty of space for our family ( My wife, 8 year old, and myself ).  I’ve already managed to get it into “EV Mode” once, for a brief period.  I would’ve held it longer but I was quickly coming up to a stop light.  If you aren’t familiar with EV mode, keep an eye out as I’ll write up a short article about it soon.

Published on August 24, 2007 in Misc

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