Motor Trend Names 2011 Porsche Cayenne SUV of the Year

2011 Porsche Cayenne

That’s right, the absurdly fast SUV from Porsche is officially SUV of the year. Considering the fact that Porsche dropped 400 lbs with the second generation Cayenne, while adding power, that’s not terribly surprising.

In top trim, the Cayenne Turbo puts out 500 HP from it’s twin-turbo V8, and blows through the quarter mile in an astonishing 12.8 seconds. It’s no one-trick pony either – it pulls .95 G on the skidpad.

It’s that breadth of performance capability, combined with the Cayenne’s roomy and comfortable interior and reasonably capacious cargo hold, that helped it nail our performance of intended function criteria. With strong showings in the engineering excellence and efficiency areas, attractive exterior and thoughtful interior design, a full roster of active and passive safety gear and the value rating fig leaf of the V-6’s affordable opening price, the Cayenne won over the thoughtful adults as well as the boy-racers to win by a supermajority.

All this awesomenesss doesn’t come cheap, of course. The Cayenne Turbo starts at a whopping $105k, and acn be optioned out to over $168k. While that’s a huge sum of money, where else can you get supercar performance with the utility of an SUV?

Published on October 19, 2010 in Porsche

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