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No one has ever looked at a Mini and say “That’s boring. It needs to be more interesting.” Looking at the Rocketman Concept makes you feel as if someone had. If you took a Mini Cooper and made it ever more different… more unique… you would come close to the Rocketman.

The Rocketman concept is barely eleven feet long, which makes it about a foot shorter than the already tiny Cooper. Inside there is technically room for four humans, though it’s really designed for two. The seating layout is billed at “3 plus 1”, which is a nice way of saying it’s for two adults. You can squeeze a third in the back seat if you need to. The tiny seat behind the driver is for emergency short trips only.

The doors have some sort of odd pivot system to make entry easier. While novel, there’s no way this feature would make it to production. In fact, I have my doubts about the vehicle as a whole. Sure, it’s neat – but at just a foot smaller than the Cooper, who would buy it? I can’t imagine it being much cheaper. After all, it’s still a Mini, and that’s a big name to live up to when it comes to performance and quality.

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Published on February 24, 2011 in Mini

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