Mini Beachcomber Concept

Four wheel drive, absolutely no doors, no roof, and a miniscule frame. Put that together, and you get the Mini Beachcomber Concept. Sure, you have your option of a soft or removable hard top if you want to keep the sun off your head – but you’re still not getting any doors. The market for such a vehicle seems to be pretty limited. BMW / Mini is banking on the fact that there are tons of beachgoers who aren’t happy with their current doored vehicle.

In reality, the Beachcomber will never see production. It’s too impractical, and too far from Mini’s strengths. Sure, it’s small, but 4×4? Mini is known for tiny, high quality, efficient cars with a distinct style. Nowhere in that DNA is any sort of off-road prowess. A neat concept, sure. But BMW is smart enough to keep the Beachcomber as a concept. What do you think?

Mini Beachcomber Concept Gallery

Published on December 16, 2009 in Mini

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