Mercury Sable Bites the Dust

2009-mercury-sable-1_460x0w After going from the Sable, to the Mercury Montego, and back to the Sable, with all the costs and trouble involved, Ford is finally going to axe the Sable once and for all.  The official announcement is reportedly going to come this Thursday. 

Ford recently re-made the 2010 Taurus ( and if looks are any indicator, it should be a smash hit ) – but they didn’t do anything with the Sable.  Probably for the best – the Sable is just a Taurus re-badge, after all.  Why go through all the trouble of a re-skin, and split marketing money between the two competing models? 

Ford made a good call, axing a redundant model.  This move will only save Ford money and strengthen the Taurus’ position in the full-size family car segment.  No one will miss the Sable – they will simply by a Taurus instead.

Published on May 19, 2009 in Deadpool,Mercury

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