Maybach on last legs

In a recent interview, Dieter Zetsche ( the CEO of Daimler ) conceded that killing off the Maybach brand might not be a bad idea.  Considering the fact that only 146 new Maybachs found homes last year, that’s not suprising.  Remember, Daimler forecasted yearly sales of 1500 units – so they were about 90% off target.

Currently there’s no plan to replace the 57 and 63 sedans that make up the bulk of Maybach sales.  The crazy expensive Laundaulet isn’t expected to find a lot of buyers in any case, so it’s pretty much a non-issue.  Once production of these vehicles stops, Maybach will be dead once again.  My question is simply, who cares?

The Maybach Experiment

Zetsche said that the overall Maybach experiment will be an unprofitable one, but that it doesn’t matter.  Wait, what?  Aren’t these guys in business to make a dollar or two?  According to Zetsche, all that matters is that Maybach has proven it’s ability to compete with Rolls-Royce.  I beg to differ.  Rolls is alive and well, with no such talk of impending cancellation.  In fact, Rolls has the new Phantom Coupe sold out through Summer of 09, and a new Baby Rolls in the works.  No one cross-shops Rolls and Maybach, regardless of what Dr Zetsche would have you believe.  They do cross shop Mercedes and Maybach, and find that Mercedes offers an insanely better value ( it’s not often that you can call a Benz a good value ). 

I’m calling Maybach dead, even if they’re not quite sure yet.  The announcement will come sooner rather than later.

Via TCC.

Published on March 18, 2008 in Deadpool,Misc

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