Maybach Landaulet is a Go

Maybach Landaulet 240 2007 Meet the ultimate in indulgence – the Maybach Landaulet convertible.  Part limo, part droptop, all luxury.  For the princely ( kingly? ) sum of $1.35 Million dollars – that’s 1,350,000 – you can drive one of the most luxurious automobiles on the road today.  With such features as reclining rear seats, a 612 HP twin turbo V12, and electronically controlled air suspension standard, the Landaulet is not short on features.  The interior is amazingly luxurious – just check out the picture below.  Who else can pull off white leather seats?

Maybach Landaulet 240 2007 Where it falls short though is common sense.  $1.35 million for the Landaulet?  Just for the record, that same pile of cash could buy you a whopping nine Mercedes-Benz S600 luxury sedans.  And just in case you’re not up on Mercedes-Benz models, the S600 is no stripped down vehicle.  It’s a full size luxo-barge, with a 510 HP 5.5 liter biturbo V12 under the hood.  Oh, did I mention that you can buy NINE of them with the same amount of cash?

There’s a point when super expensive luxury mobiles get to be a bit much.  The Maybach Landaulet has gone way beyond that point, and is all the way at beyond ridiculous.  I’ll take my 9 S600’s, please.

Published on February 26, 2008 in Misc

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