May Sales Highlights

May of two thousand and nine has come and come – leaving some interesting developments in its wake.  On the sales front, there are some big surprises on who did well, and who did, well, not so well.  First let’s take a look at the Biggest Losers:

  • Suzuki: –75%
  • Saab: –63%
  • Mitsubishi: –58%
  • Saturn: –55%
  • Pontiac: –52%
  • Chrysler: –51%
  • Dodge: –48%

I said there were some surprises – most of the Big Losers belong there.  Now on to the “Smallest Losers”

  • Subaru: –5%
  • Volkswagen: –12%
  • Audi: –12%
  • Kia: –16%
  • Buick: –17%

Subaru has been weathering the storm fairly well, at least compared to just about everyone else –so their appearance on the smallest loser list is not surprising.  Seeing Buick there is a bit of a surprise.  What’s even more of a surprise is the fact that a single brand actually managed a sales increase.  That brand? 

Lincoln was up 2% in sales.

Wow. Just wow. All those alphabet soup cars must have struck a chord with consumers, or perhaps it was their awesome line of commercials.

As far as brands go, Ford was down just 24%, and GM just 29%.  On the flip side, Toyota was down 40%, and Honda down 41%.  Nissan managed to land in the middle, down 33%.  So the Japanese Big Three are no more immune to the sales decline than the Detroit Big 3. 

Published on June 4, 2009 in Auto Industry News

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