March 2010 Sales – Fantastic

Nearly across the board, March 2010 was an excellent month to be selling cars. All major companies (with the notable exception of Chrysler) posted a sales gain for the month – though a few brands still managed to stink it up. Here are a couple of the big winners:

  • Buick: Up 76% – It would seem there are a whole lot of old folks enjoying their new rides.
  • Ford: Up 45% – Ford has been on a roll lately.
  • Nissan: Up 44% – Strong incentives kept things moving
  • Toyota: Up 41% – Recall? What recall?

And a few of the losers:

  • Smart: Down 61% – This is a failed brand. Shut it down and stop the bleeding.
  • Dodge: Down 19% – Pretty much the same as above.
  • Volvo: Down 18%
  • Ram: Down 11% – Everyone else managed to move plenty of trucks, but “Ram” couldn’t figure it out.

I didn’t include the retired brands – you know, the ones that are officially closed / closing. Brands like Pontiac, Saab, Hummer, and Saturn. Not really much point in showing shocking drops, since those guys are toast.

Seeing Chrysler in the crapper in spite of all the success elsewhere isn’t really all that surprising. There are no appealing products in the Chrysler lineup. None in Dodge. None at Ram. Jeep has one, and even it has lost its way.

The biggest surprise of the month would have to be Toyota. Through huge incentives, particularly leases, Toyota managed to make American forget about that little recall issue, and post a huge sales increase. The real question is, can they continue to post increases without the costly incentives? April will tell.

Published on April 2, 2010 in Auto Industry News

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