Loremo – 150 MPG Diesel

loremo Low resistance mobile – that’s what Loremo stands for. And that is precisely what it is – the Loremo was designed with only one thing in mind – the lowest possible coefficient of drag, and thus the highest possibly efficiency. By cutting drag everywhere possible ( including the doors – there are none! ), the Loremo managed to get fuel efficiency up to 150 miles per gallon. Under the hood is a tiny 2 cylinder turbodiesel – no fancy hybrid parts here. The target price for European production ( the designer is a German company ) is just 15,000 Euros, or about $22,000 at today’s exchange rate.

loremo-1 If the Loremo makes it overseas, the two cylinder diesel powerplant will be replaced with a 3 cylinder engine, and the target price will become $30,000. No word on how that extra cylinder will affect fuel economy, though performance does improve substantially – from a 0-60 time of 16 seconds, down to 10 seconds.

If there are no doors, how do I get in?

This is the cool part. The entire front of the car flips up and forward – including the hood, windshield, and steering column. You then climb in, and the front end swings down and everything settings back into place. That could be a safety concern, since it would be awfully tough to get out in the event of an accident.

Rear seat – for kids only

Behind the front seats are two rear-facing seatlets. Small children only please, and they climb in through the rear hatch. The seats are also removable if you need the extra storage. Or rather, if you need any storage. With the seats in the back there really isn’t room for any, you know, stuff.

A step toward the future


Getting this kind of fuel economy without a hybrid powertrain is amazing. If the Loremo ever adds this technology ( reportedly in the works ), who knows what sort of number we could see. This vehicle is small, insanely efficient, and performs well enough for everyday driving. Though it wouldn’t serve well as a family vehicle for long trips, it would be great for driving to and from work. If they can bring it to the US for under or right at $30,000, I’d be willing to be they’ll find enough buyers to make it worth their while.

Published on February 24, 2008 in Gas Mileage

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