Lincoln Mark LT Bites the Dust

lincoln-mark-lt The gussied-up F-150 that bore the name Mark LT will be no more after the 2008 model year. Just like it’s forefather, the Lincoln Blackwood, the Mark LT has had a very short run. The Mark LT had just 3 model years, in fact – it was introduced as a 2006 model in 2005.

Why did Ford pull the plug? Poor sales, of course. Sales for 2006 totaled just 12,753 – a far cry from the goal of 20,000 units. For some reason, Lincoln just can’t sell a luxury pickup at the same pace that Cadillac can. Why the big difference? No one really knows. The Escalanche sells fairly well, even though it’s uglier and costs more than the Mark LT. Perhaps the goofy name on the Lincoln? Or perhaps it was too obvious that there’s little reason to buy a Mark LT over an F-150 King Ranch.

No matter the reason, the Mark LT is a goner. If you want one ( why, why, why? ), you better pick yours up soon.

Via EGM Car Tech.

Published on September 3, 2007 in Deadpool,Lincoln

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