Lexus SC Bites the Dust

The Lexus SC when from being a very stylish sporty / luxury coupe to an extremely expensive, oddly shapen hardtop convertible.  Sales were never really all that great, and Lexus has decided to pull the plug.

The only reason this news is even remotely sad, is that it drains the single ounce of excitement from Lexus’ lineup.  Now their most exciting car is…..


I guess the LS is going to get the nod.  Not because it’s exciting, mind you, because it’s a snoozefest.  A perfectly engineered, amazingly luxurious snoozefest, of course.  But then again, that’s exactly what Lexus buyers are looking for.  Not every brand can be exciting, after all.

Edit: It seems I’ve made an obvious, glaring error.  In my haste to lament the SC dying off, I forgot about the badass Lexus IS-F, which is alive and well.  With a 416 HP 5.0 liter V8 under the hood, I’d say that qualifies as exciting, to say the least.  Thanks to commenter Mike for pointing out my gaffe.

Published on January 22, 2010 in Deadpool,Lexus

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