Less Powerful Corvettes are the Future

There’s no question that the Corvette will survive even with the new CAFE rules that go into effect soon. It’s a low volume car that gets exceptional mileage for it’s performance, and won’t have much effect on GM’s fleet average. Besides, it’s an American icon, and deserves a place on Chevy dealer’s lots.

However, Corvette executive Tom Wallace has hinted to the fact that the next generation C7 Corvette ( due around 2012 ) could take a different path than previous Vette’s. Rather than enlarging the current 6.2 liter V8 to even more massive proportions, the next Vette could end up with a smaller V8.

Whoa, hold up there – a smaller V8 with less power? Well sure, since the Corvette will go on a 300-400 lb diet. With that in mind, a V8 around 4.7 liters and 150-ish less horsepower doesn’t sound so bad, hmm? Less weight + less power = similar speed. You also get the bonus of better handling, and that’s great news. In addition, this smaller, lighter Vette will set new standards for sports car fuel efficiency. Already the Corvette is at the top of it’s class – imagine it lighter and with less horsepower. The mind boggles.

Published on January 22, 2008 in Chevrolet

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